» About Us

Transal machine is the firm regarding the Machine branding in the transformer industry and the success in the name of up holding there putation of commercial moving fre quently mentioned, arrived today and pride toget a bright vision of the future, has continued its activities fearlessly against the difficulties.

Our portfolio is going onande expanding since the nandwe deliver in line with our principle of "quality" is the strong estevidence of the serious nessand importance of our work.

About Energy andin spiration; were ceive from our valued customers, we have no doubt that we have reached our future positive goals.

We started with yours on this journey, we have established a solid dialogue and friendship bridges, strengthen sour relations in the framework of cooperation.

e are always strong against to the inhibitory factor that make this incentive and motivation from you. I want you to know That We Will Work Tirelessly To be worthy of this trust. We would like thank you for everything debts.

» Our Mission

Responsible for society as a Member of the Community's Interests That employees, humanity, environment and universal values to those who Fulfilling Responsibilities, to be known as a company.

Each of our people separately for our customers and our employees and our shareholders, our behavior; Humility, mutual respect, dignity and honesty are our basic principles.